Steed Films
your unique love story, featuring you.


The Mission of Steed Films is to join innovation, creativity, and excellence by telling memorable stories that connect with the rest of humanity.

Steed Films operates in the story business. In the 21st Century, ideas are being exchanged at a rate unheard of previously. With that in mind, it takes a lot to make a great story stand out. Steed Films cherishes the values below as a part of the creative process that goes into every project.



Steed Films is always seeking a newer, better, different way to do something. Whether that’s outlining a narrative, developing a screenplay, deciding on shooting techniques, or editing a video for maximum emotional impact, Steed Films has always been about pushing boundaries and creating something that has previously been unseen.


The world’s greatest stories are born out of those little bits of inspiration we get to create something great. By observing the world around us, taking notes, and trying to figure out how to make an idea work, we can maximize the frequency and power of these moments. Steed Films thrives off of this; without creativity, Steed Films will cease to tell great stories.


While being able to come up with ideas is an invaluable asset to any creative force, those ideas cannot be well-received by others without a commitment to the little details. Nothing is swept under the rug at Steed Films.


But don’t just hear it from me…

I have had the chance to work with some of the most amazing people, from couples to musicians to business owners. They find that working with Steed Films is fun because they aren’t just hiring some videographer to grab footage of their event, they are having their story told with a great deal of care and appreciation.

Jacob was great to work with! He truly went above and beyond to capture our special day. The video included every special moment of the day and we will cherish it forever!
— Katie, Bride (2019)
Jacob did the video for our June wedding this year and it turned out AMAZING! He is very professional and a great cinematographer! He told our beautiful story through our video and it was exactly what we hoped for!
— Brianna, Bride (2018)
Mackenzie and I were very satisfied with Steed Films. Jacob is really talented at filming and editing. He captured the spirit of our wedding, and did so with well done shots, lighting, and music editing. We gave him a lot of creative license after we had lunch with him. He captured who we were and was able to translate it to our wedding so well. It’s almost a year later and my wife is still watching his video every week. If you want a professionally done video with a videographer who isn’t overbearing on your special day, at a price point that is definitely worth it... this is your guy. He wont disappoint!
— Paul, Groom (2017)
I cannot begin to express my appreciation and gratitude for how amazing this company was to work with during our wedding. We had the privilege of working with Jacob to capture our day and the job that was preformed by this company was absolute perfection. The professionalism displayed was impeccable and demonstrated their abilities, not only as artists, but genuine people who want to make your day something unlike anything you’ve experienced! After several hours of phone and video conversation, we were put to ease about anything video related. The video teaser we received LESS THAN 24 HOURS AFTER OUR WEDDING, was stunning! There has never, nor will there ever be a company that is more dedicated to make your day something spectacular and capturing it so flawlessly. Thank you for compiling footage that will last a lifetime.
— Aliah, Bride (2017)