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A Little Bit About the Guy Behind the Camera


Hi! I'm Jacob Steed, the owner and founder of Steed Films. I'm currently studying at Dallas Baptist University, majoring in business. I love my family of two siblings, two parents, an amazing grandmother and two dogs who I love with all my heart. 

On December 9, 1998, I was born to Will and Meri Steed in Fort Lewis, Washington while my Dad was serving in the United States Army. My dad's term was over six months after I was born, and our small family moved to Texas where my Dad started his own business as a homebuilder. Later on, two new members of our family were introduced: AnnaBelle and Luke.

Since Instagram and Facebook hadn't exactly come onto the scene to document our family experiences, my Dad found a different way to save memories, and that was through moviemaking. As I grew up, he would carry his camera with him and make home movies whenever a birthday or family vacation was on the radar. I was fascinated with this concept: if I pressed the record button on a video camera, I could later re-live these memories. I was obsessed. I was always the one who wanted to watch him edit the movies and make DVDs, and I think I watched them more than anyone else. 

And that caught on with me quickly. When I was ten years old, I started a YouTube channel where I uploaded movies of my own creation. They were bad... like, really bad. But that didn't matter; I was having too much fun. With this new found love for storytelling, I eventually took over as the family moviemaker. When we would go on vacations, it was I who would document the experience through video. And it was amazing. 

In the early 2010s, a new genre of modern filmmaking entered the scene: wedding filmmaking. Never before had technology allowed for the storytelling style of wedding videography the way it does today. And I jumped in on that. In 2016, wedding filmmaking became my job, and I love it. I consider myself blessed to be surrounded by creative people who push me forward as I join creativity, innovation, and excellence by telling memorable stories that are shared with the rest of humanity.

Anyways, that's enough about me. I'd love to hear your story, so feel free to reach out in the "book now" page (in the top-right corner of the site), or in the comments below!