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Ashlie & Andrew | Save the Date

Ashlie met Andrew briefly at Harry's in College Station in February of 2016 while they were both attending Texas A&M, and met once again at an Aggie baseball game. As they began talking and getting to know each other better, it was surprising how much they had in common. Needless to say, they made an awesome couple.

Their first date was to Six Flags, and later to a batting cage. Throughout the summer of 2016, they went on several dates and had a wonderful time together. Fancy diners, drive-in movies, and more rollercoasters later, it did not take long for them to fall in love.

This past May, they went on a trip to Colorado together. While they were walking the trails at the Garden of the Gods, Andrew took a knee. It was the easiest yes Ashlie has ever said.

Ashlie & Andrew were one of the winners of the Engagement Session Giveaway. When I spoke with Ashlie over the phone, she had the craziest idea: COLORED POWDER! Needless to say, we had a great afternoon shooting. Just as we were wrapping up, it started to pour rain, so we decided to get out of there.

Congradulations to Ashlie and Andrew. I hope this wedding planning season is filled with joy and anticipation!

Jacob Steed